Experience the difference

Awash detail

Interior Detail + complete engine degrease + Polish & Mini Detail service + F1 service

Std From:$320 | Lge From:$380

Awash polish

Complete rejuvenation of vehicle exterior including all services of the Senna wash plus complete hand polish to remove stubborn dirt, bugs, grime and minor scratches and paint marks using the very best in automotive products.

Std Vehicle:$90 | Lge Vehicle:$100


A quick washes service for quality exterior appearance, including complete hand, wash (including wax protection), chamois dry, door trims wiped, silicone treatment on tires, windows cleaned (exterior only).

Std Vehicle:$30 | Lge Vehicle:$35

Interior Detail/ Buffing Detail

Shampoo all mats, carpets and seats, clean+condition, all doors, plastics+dash, detail door jams. If leather, apply premium leather conditioner

Std From:$220 | Lge From:$250


A more extensive and personalized clean for your vehicle.

Std Vehicle:$45 | Lge Vehicle:$50


A Senna service with dash + center console rejuvenation

Std Vehicle:$45 | Lge Vehicle:$50


Superior wash for your vehicles interior and exterior including, vacuum (including boot), hand wash (including wax protection)

Std Vehicle:$45 | Lge Vehicle:$50



Std Vehicle: $30.00 Lge Vehicle: $35.00


Std Vehicle: $40.00 Lge Vehicle: $45.00


Std Vehicle: $45.00 Lge Vehicle: $50.00


Std Vehicle: $58.00 Lge Vehicle: $68.00

Polish & Mini Detail

Std Vehicle: $90.00 Lge Vehicle: $100.00

Interior/ Buffing Detail

Std Vehicle: $220.00 Lge Vehicle: $250.00

Full Detail

Std Vehicle: $320.00 Lge Vehicle: $380.00

Premium Services

*Alloy Wheel repairs $200 each *Vehicle windows tinting Std vehicle: $450 Lge vehicle: $550 *Glass Coating Std vehicle from: $830 Lge vehicle from: $880

Frequently asked questions

Standard Vehicle: hatchbacks/sedans/2-door utes/coupes
Large Vehicle: 4WD’s/4-door utes/vans/station wagons

*Heavily soiled vehicles7-seaters or vehicles with excessive dog hair may incur additional cleaning charges

Our professional team is ready to provide any range of services to get your car looking great! Talk to us today.

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Our clients say

I really like this place, they cleaned my car quickly as I was in a rush. They do not use nylon brushes so you are not left with scratches on your car.
M Cat
Best car wash in Sydney. They do an amazing job. I have realized they tend to take a longer time to get the car wash done at times but I understood it is because they get super duper busy. After all, they are the same humans as us with two hands. People complaining about long waits are insensitive to this great place I believe. And the best part about this place is their great cafe with great staffs. Their foods are the best and the staffs are just as good as the food they provide. Highly recommended and also it's a five star kind of place to be a car wash.
Cha Sha
Royal Customer
Best carwash in Gladesville better yet in the Sydney Metro area
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approachi is what I love about them.
John Doe